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Oh my god, I can't stop crying. You know how this Friday is gonna be the upcoming ddr comptetition, right? Well, I was at King's Dominion today, so I went (naturally) right to the arcade to play ddr, I wanted to practice. okay so far? Well, I was playing, like I always do, with just my socks, I'm used to the mats. Them as I'm playing, I hit my foot on the insied part of it, I mean, I scraped it over it, really hard, and now my foot is bloody and bruised. I can't play this friday, and I don't think I have enough tears to cry over it. I've been practicing very hard, very much, all the time, and now, it was for nothing. Sure, I had fun practicing, but I was practicing for a purpose, which I don't even have anymore.

My dad's going out to buy me some sort of healing goo of some sort, that will make me able to walk again soon. BUt there's no chance I can enter friday. peachy, just the perfect way to end the perfect day. No, the perfect week, I have had the WORST luck ALL week, with the exception of someone very special to me staying. That's all I'm gonna say for tonight, I hope everyone has a better week than I will. Mine's gonna suck.
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