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Saturday, July 11th, 2009
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Thursday, May 28th, 2009
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Thursday, April 16th, 2009
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Monday, June 27th, 2005
5:59 pm - :)


lol. Well, AMA was great. :P I had a blast walking around ni my costume. xD haha, but there were, like 6 or so Sasuke's running around, so I felt kinda dumb. >.< I think about half of the people that cosplayed, did Naruto characters. :P I'll try a different anime next year I guess. xD Who knows. Anywhooooo I had gotten like an hour and a half of sleep, so 10am, saturday morning, my PA in the ddr qualifications was HORRIBLE. I didn't make it, but lol, we all saw that coming. Later that day, I got to go watch the tourney. Got the seat right beside (literally, about a foot ot two away) to player2 mat, so it was really cool to see people compete. Chris wasn't allowd to enter because he was working staff the day of the competition, so that sucked. Um, I actually knew a few people that made it into the top 16, which was kinda cool. Sway, Greg, and Kennith all made it. That was nifty atleast. :P The finals was Kennith vs Greg, which was pretty close, since they're both such good players. Greg ended up winning, but they took Kennith to Friendly's anyways (inside joke. xD)

Um, I don't know what else to go on about em... I haven't really been writing much at the moment. xD Probably some irritable case of writer's block. :P Um... >.< lol. humbug! *bangs head on table* OW! damnit! That hurts. *whimper*

Um... oh! I know! xD D'oh geez, I forgot... hold on. xD



Oh! I remember now! xD I was bored earlier, so I set up ddr again, and was on a PA attack, it was wonderful! Anywho, I ended up getting 2 AAA's!! :) My first on standard, AND my first on heavy. :P the first was on standard, playing around. I was speeding, so it was "Only You" x5 speed. Yay! Then, on heavy, "Your Rain" on 3x speed, slowed it down. @.@ Thought that was freaking AWESOME. lol. I never AAA stuff, my PA is usually down the drain whenI try. xD So yeah, thought that was cool. :P

Hey! I remembered something else too! :P Go check out this link, it links to animation done by someone I know. :P http://w7.oekakies.com/p/knonoko/p.cgi?mode=7&pt=9&px=300&py=300&sp=1 Go see! Yeah, she's a wolf demon girl. :3 okies, that's it for now, maybe I'll update later or something. :P For now, I'm gonna go play DDR, read, and chat. all at once. multitasking. OH YES!! xD


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Monday, June 13th, 2005
4:55 pm - yay update!

lol. *cough*fineseeiupdatedtjgoshyouresopushy*cough* :D ...yeah.

Well, anywho, it's exam week! T.T tomorrow I have a science exam, that's the only core class exam I have that day. Then... I dunno, I think I have LA and gym wednesday... I'm exempt from my algebra exam! yay! Since I did so good on the SOL (surprise of the century, ne?), I don't have to take the exam. :P But later that day, I have the whole band thing, and I don't want to miss that. :P Then, um... I have Art and history crap. >.< so I have to stay till the end of the day, but it's the last day of school, so oh well. :P

Yay! AMA5 is this friday! Mom's picking me up from school and taking me straight to the convention, since I'll have my costume on all day. :P lol. As if I don't already get enough funny looks. =D Anywho, it'll be cool. :P I WILL storm the place for pocky! xD I <3 pocky. :P So yeah, picture some kid running down the hall of a school looking like Sasuke. xD Well, that'll be fun. :P

Um, not much else has happened recently. Umm... wow...ah hah! DDR updates!! xD lol. Well, I can usually B, sometimes A Saukra (heavy duh. ;P) and B So Deep. Um, Bag on obvious speed mods, 1x hurts my eyes. >.< Um, when I'm lucky, I'll get one of the Maxes. xD I can pperfect combo about up to maybe 150 or so arrows in TLOM before I get tired. xD Um, and Max300 is okay, sometimes beat it, sometimes don't, more often don't than do, but whatever. xD Ummm.... yeah, still mad at ITG. T.T Not only does it steal all your money, it makes you miss things...BIG things. About, um, geez, last weekend of May I think, Spencer BEAT Extreme. OH yes, AA TLOM, then AA DDR. T.T I missed it. I was sitting by the ITG machine watching them play. >.< see? It's horrible! lol.

Um...does anyone think I should enter the tourney at AMA? I personally think I don't stand a chance, but you never know. xD Um, go here to see the rules and stuff. It's a PA tourney, so I don't know how I'd do, since I'm not really a PAer most of the time. :( I strive to pass the song first, then if I like it, work till near perfection, but I can do some speed reading and stuff. Oh yes, I can read 600bpm on stepmania! mwahahahaa! lol. But it hurts my eyes. >.< My reflexes huuuuuuurt. lol.

Well, there's my update, sorry if it sucked. :D

current mood: indifferent

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Thursday, May 26th, 2005
5:40 pm - :P

lmao. Sorry I didn't update yesterday or something. :P Was going to, but yeah...xD My mats are here! :3:3:3 My two metal TX-2000 with bars are here! I was playing doubles and playing versus with my mom all night last night, so I didn't really...well, I didn't want ot stop playing to update, and by the time I finished playing, I kinda collasped onto the bed and slept. :P

*sings* I can now do most heavy doubles! :3 Before now, my only practice on doubles was at the arcades, so I didn't do much of that really. xD Ecspecailly since my shoes are flaling apart.

Omg, on that last topic of shoes, we had to run the mile today. T.T My shoes were falling apart on me, so I was tripping, it's hot and humid outside, and I had some nasty cramps, soon followed by some stitches. :( I got 8:48. T.T I can't believe it. :( You'd think after so much ddr, stamina would be better, but noooo, I still suck at the mile. >.< I hate running distamces. xD I really do. :P Ecspecially in the heat, gawd, I hate running in the heat. T.T lmao. Sorry, I like to complain huh? ;) Well, you know, I can't play ddr now (much) since I'm so tired. T.T I just got back two hours ago, and I have gym last block. xO In the midafternoon heat for pete's sake. >:\

Well, so far on extreme, doubles is going farely well. :P It's a little (*cough*alot*couhg*) different than playing single, but I do enjoy running back and forth across the pads. :P

omg. Last night, I was just starting to fall asleep, and I hear this knowck on my door right? Well, it turns out to be my grandparents. They thought the light was on under my door, and wanted to come play ddr. xD I almost fell over laughing. Well, anywho, their first play, so I set them opn beginner, and knowing them, we picked YMCA. xD They loved it. :P Well, that's it for now. :D ccccyyyyaaaaaa! :)

current mood: bouncy

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Monday, May 23rd, 2005
11:29 am - I have been inspired!! -...

To update! xD Thankies. :P

Anywho, my birthday's june 7th, and mom got me two metal pads. :P Yay ebay! x) They're the umm...gawd....TX-2000 ones...yeah those. =P We ordered on Wednesday (I think. xD) so they should be ere today!!! >:P *laughs maniacally* *cough* hairball....ahem....yeah. mwahahahahaa!

Had to go through and AA everything again. :\ I realized I didn't have all songs AAed, but full comboed, so now they're all AAed and Full Comboed. =) *loves Extreme* The only one I can't AA is the elusive Legend of Max. >:( I can alllmooooost get it, but it's just so hard. T.T The A on the page taunts me....*drool* ...yeah. xD

Well, I may edit later, maybe not. ;P Buhbye!

I was wrooooong! T.T Mom says they'll be here tomorrow if I'm lucky. T.T *cries* *wants pads*

current mood: depressed

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Friday, May 20th, 2005
12:45 am - X)

Muaha. On Max 2, I've only got 3 more songs to AA on standard... Xenon, Kakumei, and Max 300. I'm getting better. :D

current mood: sleepy

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Sunday, May 15th, 2005
3:25 pm - :P

:o Wow! I haven't updated in FOREVER! xD Been soooo busy. T.T SOL's next week, two weeks later Exams, then school lets out! :D

Alrighty, I'll update everyone with my wonderful *cough* ddr and stuff expiriences from this weekend! :P *cough*

Went to King's Dominion to meet up with Sway to ddr. That was fun. :3 We (there's a whole group of us. xD) went to the arcade by the Grizzly to play, and they had it closed off (kinda) you could pay $7 and play as much as you wanted of any game in the arcade, of course, all of us payed, and we played ddr and a few other games for 2 and a half hours. xD Fun. :3 EXCEPT, once you got in, you couldn't leave, well, you could, but they wouldn't let you back in without paying again. @.@ So no bathroom, food, or drink for however long you would stay to people who entered. Fortunetely, I brought four chewy bars to the park, 'cause I knew I'd get hungry, I'm always hungry. xD So I handed those out. :3 I had some water, but drank it all. :\ Not even half an hour into the stay. xD But it was fun. :( Oh, and Player 1 pad was half unresponsive, only left and down arrows worked, so no doubles, but we played with two people for heck of it. xD

Then we walked to the FX Arcade, and apparently all the pads in the park suck. xD I didn't really notice, but Sway was complaining a lot. *falls off chair laughing* I only got to stay at that arcade for almost an hour though, I had to be at a friend's party at 4:30. :\ But there were these three or so people that stared, it was freaky, but then one got up on the pad when we finished a round, and gave it a shot on beginner. :3 It's so cool to see someone want to play after watching you or your friends play. :) So, after a few hugs, I had to leave. T.T

The party, put in a few short words, sucked. Her baby brother followed us ALL night, and we watched POTC again. >.< Making it the 29th I've watched that movie. X.x I HATE that movie with a passion. xD Seen it so many times. T.T Gawd. One more time and that makes thirty. T.T *sobs*

Got back from the party, and brought Christina with me so we could play ddr and stuff for a little longer, before she went to see her mom for the day. :) Yeah, she just left, and I'm getting bored already, so this is what I'm doing to entertain mysellf. T.T Sad, huh? ;)

Well, atleast I got around to updating this thing. xD See you guys around, I'm gonna go play some SM. :P

current mood: bored

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Friday, May 6th, 2005
7:47 am - :o no one updates anymore...:(

bah, finally got a few minutes to myself. xD Been so busy with crap. :\ slacked off all night lasy night though. ;) Well, I gotta run, I'll be back later, I'll edit with some new news. :) cya guys! <3

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Friday, April 22nd, 2005
10:11 pm

You guys have been way too quiet lately, I'm going to start hunting you all down if the posting doesn't pick up. xD

*hugs ya'll anyway*

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Sunday, April 17th, 2005
2:49 pm - :o

lol. FINALLY I've unlocked everything on extreme, AND I have a AA on EVERYTHING except 4 songs. :( The ones I don't have a AA on are:

Move Your Feet = Got an A

Scorching Moon = Got an A

The Legend of Maxx = Got a B

The Reflex = Got an A

:D lol. Actually, I had the "DROP OUT (from nonstop megamix)" on the list with an A, but I played again as I was typing and got a AA. xD lol. I love this game! T.T

AMA5 is this june. :) My mom and I are going, and we're gonna enter for freestyle! :D Couples, of course, I mean, duh. :P
lol. Anywho, we can't decide on a song, but I'm thinking Frozen Ray or seomthing. xD Something trance, and something everyone likes. :) Got any ideas? T.T I don't. T.T

Anywhooooo! xD Mom just ordered my costume for AMA5. :D I'm gonna be Sasuke this year! :D I get to cut my hair just a little bit (it's already short, but will grow by then.) and dye it temporarily black! :D Gonna be so cool. :) lol. I may post more later, but I'll be playing ddr all night! :D lol. I noticed that this place has been desolate, and if you guys aren't gonna post, I will! T.T That was so deep! xD *cracks up* so deep get it? *snort* lol. j/k I'm no nerd B-) *cough* I'm lying *cough* cya's! :)

current mood: jubilant

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Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
6:43 pm - :D Hi everyone! :D

Just got inside. Had a watergun fight with my brother and my neighobr. ;P Good fun! >:) Muhaha, correction, GREAT fun! Wh00!lol. But it lasted for like an hour, so we were running around screaming and soaking each other. xD hehe, I just got back inside, like a minute ago, and am now warm and dry with my pj's on at *checks* 6:45pm. :D It's not even dark yet! xD Anyywhooo! noticed that no one's updated the community for a while, so I thought I'd come by and say hi to everyone! :D hi everyone! ^^

Our bus driver's leaving till next week, so we have to ride WITH another bus until then. So it's three to four to a seat till next week. T.T *sob* lol. It really does suck though. xD I'll get home late, and be late to school almost everyday. T.T Can't wait till next week then! xD Our bus driver told us that she was leaving because her daughter and her were going to a cheerleading competition, but the bus driver for the bus I'll ride the rest of the week, knows my bus driver very well, and said she's REALLY leaving because she's afraid of some of the kids on the bus. :o Well,she should, they're pretty...weird...xD Well, I'm off to...well, play ddr! :D cya's tomorrow! or...sometime! xD

current mood: giggly

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Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
8:58 pm - Helloooooooo~~~

New to the community, I've played DDR for just about 6 months now. I pretty much play heavy mode, but I can only play a handful of songs and get worthy rankings of doing it in public. XD

Tried a new song for myself today at the arcade, did Paranoia Survivor 290 on standard...almost died when I managed to score a B on the first try. I squealed, luckily no one was around.

And I just had to join this community just because I suffer terribly from DDR arrow syndrome. I lay in bed at night after playing for an hour and all I see is arrows scrolling. =( I even once saw them when I had my eyes closed when I was um "with" my girlfriend. Sad, isn't it?

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7:41 pm - hehe lol. no wonder! xD

I went to the arcade today, to play somemore. xD Did healing vision, heavy, angelic mix, on my poor foot. xO Owwie! *sob* lol. couldn't walk. xD Had to limp around. xD Oh, and I found one of the better players that were there last night, and we asked him who won, and whadda ya know, Jared won, the guy I was up against that did R&P. lol. No wonder I lost so badly! xD The guy I almost tied with for a third round ended up winning advanced! :P I was very happy, that meant I did really well, so I'm sitting here grinning like a moron. :P I'm pretty happy!

Also, we found out that there was usuallu around two compeitions a year, that the VCC mall hosts, so I can't wait for the next onbe, they're really fun. :P Also, I don't think I meantioned this, but that was my first competition (I know, I know, sue me. :P), so my parents were shell shocked I did so well. xD It was HILARIOUS! xD :o Oh, and we also got most of the competition (we didn't bother to get novices) on tape! :D If I'm lucky, I'll have it up on the internet soon. :D Can't wait! ^^

Another thing I can't wait for is AMA5, I'm gonna enter freestle, AND advanced there, it's june17-19th, so there's time to practice, and get a solid act together. :P Ick, hungry. Dinner's ready, so I'm off for a bit, but I may post something else that's interesting later! :P g'night for now. :)

current mood: hungry

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11:50 am - OMGOMGOMG!!!

Ahhhhh guess what everyone!!!!!!!!!!! I got an A on Max 300 on Standard!!!!!! I was just so happy that I passed it, and then when I saw that I got an A, I was freaking out. AHHH!!! Now the only song on MAX (on standard mode) that I don't have at least an A on is Orion78! And I -almost- got an A on it yesterday, but not quite, grrrr. My stamina is getting better and better, that makes me extra happy.


current mood: ecstatic

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Friday, April 1st, 2005
9:03 pm - whee hoo! xD

The schedule was supposed to be Novice 12-1pm, Freestyle 1-3pm, and Advanced 3-4pm, r something close to that. xD And registration was at 11am. :P So, my grandpa takes me and christina to sign up, I sign up for advanced, she did novice. :D So, went we did her qualification round, and she forgot that she wasn't out. xD So we went home for the few hours, and came back at three. Well, one of the people help running it told her that she wasn't out in the qualification round, she just didn't do well. :P Anywho, it turns out that the novices weren't done yet. xD So we waited and waited, and waited, and waited. :P Anywho, it was getting late by the time they finished, then freestlye went. They were awesome! xD It was pretty funny. :P Then, finally, the qualification round started for advance, I was like, the last person called. xD I played against one of the best the players EVER. :o omg. I know. xD I got a B, and he got an A, but I had never heard that particular song before. xD So I was happy. I got paired with some other guy with a close score to mine. :P

Then, he got to pick the first song, and he picked the only one I didn't want to do. T.T He picked Rythm and Police. T.T I lived! :D I got a D. xD It was humiliating. xD Then, I picked the second song, I picked A, and he let us play on heavy, instead of challenger! :D Nice guy. :P THEN, as I was playing, some guys were talking, and they said that I probably would die in the middle iof the song. xD I got just 1 good, and the rest greats and perfects. :P I have a foot injury, I was VERY happy, and we even played on dark mode. :D lol.I lost though, but I had a great time, and proved some rude people wrong. :P lol. I was VERY happy. :D lol. Anywhooooo! xD lol. Yeah, mom wanted to leave, sowe left after I lost. :( I felt bad, and I porbably looked like a sore loser! T.T lol. xD I did meet some very interesting people, everyone there was really nice. :)

lol. I will update more about it tomorrow, since it's late, and I have a friend over. :3 cya's! :D

current mood: tired

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Thursday, March 31st, 2005
9:26 pm - geez I'm stubborn. xD

hehe, thanks to some persitance (sturroness is more like it;)) I can already walk again, and will participate in the competition tomorrow regardless. I can either enter Novice, or Advanced. Which should I enter on? I can beat both, but I don't want to hurt my foot. *unsure* lol. I'm dumb, so I've been doing walking stuff all night, and even went with my dad to eat dinner. :D *is very proud* I'm not supposed to be able to walk for days, I'm walking the very next day. :P

current mood: content

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Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
7:52 pm - omg.

Oh my god, I can't stop crying. You know how this Friday is gonna be the upcoming ddr comptetition, right? Well, I was at King's Dominion today, so I went (naturally) right to the arcade to play ddr, I wanted to practice. okay so far? Well, I was playing, like I always do, with just my socks, I'm used to the mats. Them as I'm playing, I hit my foot on the insied part of it, I mean, I scraped it over it, really hard, and now my foot is bloody and bruised. I can't play this friday, and I don't think I have enough tears to cry over it. I've been practicing very hard, very much, all the time, and now, it was for nothing. Sure, I had fun practicing, but I was practicing for a purpose, which I don't even have anymore.

My dad's going out to buy me some sort of healing goo of some sort, that will make me able to walk again soon. BUt there's no chance I can enter friday. peachy, just the perfect way to end the perfect day. No, the perfect week, I have had the WORST luck ALL week, with the exception of someone very special to me staying. That's all I'm gonna say for tonight, I hope everyone has a better week than I will. Mine's gonna suck.

current mood: depressed

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Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
3:59 pm - :D

Okay, don't laugh, but I'm proud of this.... on DDR Max, I have A's or AA's on all the songs except 2, on standard mode. Now blah blah blah, you probably have A's on all the songs on heavy mode, but shush.

Anyhow, the only two songs which I don't have at least an A on are Max 300 and Orion..... and I have a B on Orion, must practice and get an A!!! I *ALMOST* passed Max 300 but then at the end I sort of died. ;_;

current mood: sweaty XD

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