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lol. Well, AMA was great. :P I had a blast walking around ni my costume. xD haha, but there were, like 6 or so Sasuke's running around, so I felt kinda dumb. >.< I think about half of the people that cosplayed, did Naruto characters. :P I'll try a different anime next year I guess. xD Who knows. Anywhooooo I had gotten like an hour and a half of sleep, so 10am, saturday morning, my PA in the ddr qualifications was HORRIBLE. I didn't make it, but lol, we all saw that coming. Later that day, I got to go watch the tourney. Got the seat right beside (literally, about a foot ot two away) to player2 mat, so it was really cool to see people compete. Chris wasn't allowd to enter because he was working staff the day of the competition, so that sucked. Um, I actually knew a few people that made it into the top 16, which was kinda cool. Sway, Greg, and Kennith all made it. That was nifty atleast. :P The finals was Kennith vs Greg, which was pretty close, since they're both such good players. Greg ended up winning, but they took Kennith to Friendly's anyways (inside joke. xD)

Um, I don't know what else to go on about em... I haven't really been writing much at the moment. xD Probably some irritable case of writer's block. :P Um... >.< lol. humbug! *bangs head on table* OW! damnit! That hurts. *whimper*

Um... oh! I know! xD D'oh geez, I forgot... hold on. xD



Oh! I remember now! xD I was bored earlier, so I set up ddr again, and was on a PA attack, it was wonderful! Anywho, I ended up getting 2 AAA's!! :) My first on standard, AND my first on heavy. :P the first was on standard, playing around. I was speeding, so it was "Only You" x5 speed. Yay! Then, on heavy, "Your Rain" on 3x speed, slowed it down. @.@ Thought that was freaking AWESOME. lol. I never AAA stuff, my PA is usually down the drain whenI try. xD So yeah, thought that was cool. :P

Hey! I remembered something else too! :P Go check out this link, it links to animation done by someone I know. :P http://w7.oekakies.com/p/knonoko/p.cgi?mode=7&pt=9&px=300&py=300&sp=1 Go see! Yeah, she's a wolf demon girl. :3 okies, that's it for now, maybe I'll update later or something. :P For now, I'm gonna go play DDR, read, and chat. all at once. multitasking. OH YES!! xD


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