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yay update!

lol. *cough*fineseeiupdatedtjgoshyouresopushy*cough* :D ...yeah.

Well, anywho, it's exam week! T.T tomorrow I have a science exam, that's the only core class exam I have that day. Then... I dunno, I think I have LA and gym wednesday... I'm exempt from my algebra exam! yay! Since I did so good on the SOL (surprise of the century, ne?), I don't have to take the exam. :P But later that day, I have the whole band thing, and I don't want to miss that. :P Then, um... I have Art and history crap. >.< so I have to stay till the end of the day, but it's the last day of school, so oh well. :P

Yay! AMA5 is this friday! Mom's picking me up from school and taking me straight to the convention, since I'll have my costume on all day. :P lol. As if I don't already get enough funny looks. =D Anywho, it'll be cool. :P I WILL storm the place for pocky! xD I <3 pocky. :P So yeah, picture some kid running down the hall of a school looking like Sasuke. xD Well, that'll be fun. :P

Um, not much else has happened recently. Umm... wow...ah hah! DDR updates!! xD lol. Well, I can usually B, sometimes A Saukra (heavy duh. ;P) and B So Deep. Um, Bag on obvious speed mods, 1x hurts my eyes. >.< Um, when I'm lucky, I'll get one of the Maxes. xD I can pperfect combo about up to maybe 150 or so arrows in TLOM before I get tired. xD Um, and Max300 is okay, sometimes beat it, sometimes don't, more often don't than do, but whatever. xD Ummm.... yeah, still mad at ITG. T.T Not only does it steal all your money, it makes you miss things...BIG things. About, um, geez, last weekend of May I think, Spencer BEAT Extreme. OH yes, AA TLOM, then AA DDR. T.T I missed it. I was sitting by the ITG machine watching them play. >.< see? It's horrible! lol.

Um...does anyone think I should enter the tourney at AMA? I personally think I don't stand a chance, but you never know. xD Um, go here to see the rules and stuff. It's a PA tourney, so I don't know how I'd do, since I'm not really a PAer most of the time. :( I strive to pass the song first, then if I like it, work till near perfection, but I can do some speed reading and stuff. Oh yes, I can read 600bpm on stepmania! mwahahahaa! lol. But it hurts my eyes. >.< My reflexes huuuuuuurt. lol.

Well, there's my update, sorry if it sucked. :D
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