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I have been inspired!! -...

To update! xD Thankies. :P

Anywho, my birthday's june 7th, and mom got me two metal pads. :P Yay ebay! x) They're the umm...gawd....TX-2000 ones...yeah those. =P We ordered on Wednesday (I think. xD) so they should be ere today!!! >:P *laughs maniacally* *cough* hairball....ahem....yeah. mwahahahahaa!

Had to go through and AA everything again. :\ I realized I didn't have all songs AAed, but full comboed, so now they're all AAed and Full Comboed. =) *loves Extreme* The only one I can't AA is the elusive Legend of Max. >:( I can alllmooooost get it, but it's just so hard. T.T The A on the page taunts me....*drool* ...yeah. xD

Well, I may edit later, maybe not. ;P Buhbye!

I was wrooooong! T.T Mom says they'll be here tomorrow if I'm lucky. T.T *cries* *wants pads*
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