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:o Wow! I haven't updated in FOREVER! xD Been soooo busy. T.T SOL's next week, two weeks later Exams, then school lets out! :D

Alrighty, I'll update everyone with my wonderful *cough* ddr and stuff expiriences from this weekend! :P *cough*

Went to King's Dominion to meet up with Sway to ddr. That was fun. :3 We (there's a whole group of us. xD) went to the arcade by the Grizzly to play, and they had it closed off (kinda) you could pay $7 and play as much as you wanted of any game in the arcade, of course, all of us payed, and we played ddr and a few other games for 2 and a half hours. xD Fun. :3 EXCEPT, once you got in, you couldn't leave, well, you could, but they wouldn't let you back in without paying again. @.@ So no bathroom, food, or drink for however long you would stay to people who entered. Fortunetely, I brought four chewy bars to the park, 'cause I knew I'd get hungry, I'm always hungry. xD So I handed those out. :3 I had some water, but drank it all. :\ Not even half an hour into the stay. xD But it was fun. :( Oh, and Player 1 pad was half unresponsive, only left and down arrows worked, so no doubles, but we played with two people for heck of it. xD

Then we walked to the FX Arcade, and apparently all the pads in the park suck. xD I didn't really notice, but Sway was complaining a lot. *falls off chair laughing* I only got to stay at that arcade for almost an hour though, I had to be at a friend's party at 4:30. :\ But there were these three or so people that stared, it was freaky, but then one got up on the pad when we finished a round, and gave it a shot on beginner. :3 It's so cool to see someone want to play after watching you or your friends play. :) So, after a few hugs, I had to leave. T.T

The party, put in a few short words, sucked. Her baby brother followed us ALL night, and we watched POTC again. >.< Making it the 29th I've watched that movie. X.x I HATE that movie with a passion. xD Seen it so many times. T.T Gawd. One more time and that makes thirty. T.T *sobs*

Got back from the party, and brought Christina with me so we could play ddr and stuff for a little longer, before she went to see her mom for the day. :) Yeah, she just left, and I'm getting bored already, so this is what I'm doing to entertain mysellf. T.T Sad, huh? ;)

Well, atleast I got around to updating this thing. xD See you guys around, I'm gonna go play some SM. :P
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