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lol. FINALLY I've unlocked everything on extreme, AND I have a AA on EVERYTHING except 4 songs. :( The ones I don't have a AA on are:

Move Your Feet = Got an A

Scorching Moon = Got an A

The Legend of Maxx = Got a B

The Reflex = Got an A

:D lol. Actually, I had the "DROP OUT (from nonstop megamix)" on the list with an A, but I played again as I was typing and got a AA. xD lol. I love this game! T.T

AMA5 is this june. :) My mom and I are going, and we're gonna enter for freestyle! :D Couples, of course, I mean, duh. :P
lol. Anywho, we can't decide on a song, but I'm thinking Frozen Ray or seomthing. xD Something trance, and something everyone likes. :) Got any ideas? T.T I don't. T.T

Anywhooooo! xD Mom just ordered my costume for AMA5. :D I'm gonna be Sasuke this year! :D I get to cut my hair just a little bit (it's already short, but will grow by then.) and dye it temporarily black! :D Gonna be so cool. :) lol. I may post more later, but I'll be playing ddr all night! :D lol. I noticed that this place has been desolate, and if you guys aren't gonna post, I will! T.T That was so deep! xD *cracks up* so deep get it? *snort* lol. j/k I'm no nerd B-) *cough* I'm lying *cough* cya's! :)

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