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:D Hi everyone! :D

Just got inside. Had a watergun fight with my brother and my neighobr. ;P Good fun! >:) Muhaha, correction, GREAT fun! Wh00!lol. But it lasted for like an hour, so we were running around screaming and soaking each other. xD hehe, I just got back inside, like a minute ago, and am now warm and dry with my pj's on at *checks* 6:45pm. :D It's not even dark yet! xD Anyywhooo! noticed that no one's updated the community for a while, so I thought I'd come by and say hi to everyone! :D hi everyone! ^^

Our bus driver's leaving till next week, so we have to ride WITH another bus until then. So it's three to four to a seat till next week. T.T *sob* lol. It really does suck though. xD I'll get home late, and be late to school almost everyday. T.T Can't wait till next week then! xD Our bus driver told us that she was leaving because her daughter and her were going to a cheerleading competition, but the bus driver for the bus I'll ride the rest of the week, knows my bus driver very well, and said she's REALLY leaving because she's afraid of some of the kids on the bus. :o Well,she should, they're pretty...weird...xD Well, I'm off to...well, play ddr! :D cya's tomorrow! or...sometime! xD
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