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hehe lol. no wonder! xD

I went to the arcade today, to play somemore. xD Did healing vision, heavy, angelic mix, on my poor foot. xO Owwie! *sob* lol. couldn't walk. xD Had to limp around. xD Oh, and I found one of the better players that were there last night, and we asked him who won, and whadda ya know, Jared won, the guy I was up against that did R&P. lol. No wonder I lost so badly! xD The guy I almost tied with for a third round ended up winning advanced! :P I was very happy, that meant I did really well, so I'm sitting here grinning like a moron. :P I'm pretty happy!

Also, we found out that there was usuallu around two compeitions a year, that the VCC mall hosts, so I can't wait for the next onbe, they're really fun. :P Also, I don't think I meantioned this, but that was my first competition (I know, I know, sue me. :P), so my parents were shell shocked I did so well. xD It was HILARIOUS! xD :o Oh, and we also got most of the competition (we didn't bother to get novices) on tape! :D If I'm lucky, I'll have it up on the internet soon. :D Can't wait! ^^

Another thing I can't wait for is AMA5, I'm gonna enter freestle, AND advanced there, it's june17-19th, so there's time to practice, and get a solid act together. :P Ick, hungry. Dinner's ready, so I'm off for a bit, but I may post something else that's interesting later! :P g'night for now. :)
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