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whee hoo! xD

The schedule was supposed to be Novice 12-1pm, Freestyle 1-3pm, and Advanced 3-4pm, r something close to that. xD And registration was at 11am. :P So, my grandpa takes me and christina to sign up, I sign up for advanced, she did novice. :D So, went we did her qualification round, and she forgot that she wasn't out. xD So we went home for the few hours, and came back at three. Well, one of the people help running it told her that she wasn't out in the qualification round, she just didn't do well. :P Anywho, it turns out that the novices weren't done yet. xD So we waited and waited, and waited, and waited. :P Anywho, it was getting late by the time they finished, then freestlye went. They were awesome! xD It was pretty funny. :P Then, finally, the qualification round started for advance, I was like, the last person called. xD I played against one of the best the players EVER. :o omg. I know. xD I got a B, and he got an A, but I had never heard that particular song before. xD So I was happy. I got paired with some other guy with a close score to mine. :P

Then, he got to pick the first song, and he picked the only one I didn't want to do. T.T He picked Rythm and Police. T.T I lived! :D I got a D. xD It was humiliating. xD Then, I picked the second song, I picked A, and he let us play on heavy, instead of challenger! :D Nice guy. :P THEN, as I was playing, some guys were talking, and they said that I probably would die in the middle iof the song. xD I got just 1 good, and the rest greats and perfects. :P I have a foot injury, I was VERY happy, and we even played on dark mode. :D lol.I lost though, but I had a great time, and proved some rude people wrong. :P lol. I was VERY happy. :D lol. Anywhooooo! xD lol. Yeah, mom wanted to leave, sowe left after I lost. :( I felt bad, and I porbably looked like a sore loser! T.T lol. xD I did meet some very interesting people, everyone there was really nice. :)

lol. I will update more about it tomorrow, since it's late, and I have a friend over. :3 cya's! :D
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